Apple to Address Fusion Drive Support in APFS ‘Very Soon’

10 Things to Know About APFS

Apple had first unveiled APFS, its new proprietary file system, at WWDC 2016 before making it a part of macOS High Sierra in 2017. While APFS comes with its own share of benefits, it does have one issue: it lacks support for Fusion Drives. However, it looks like Apple is finally getting around to solving this issue for good as well. 

In response to an email sent by Jonathan, Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi told that the Cupertino company will share some news on APFS support for Fusion Drives “very soon.”

Apple primarily uses Fusion Drives in its lower-end iMac and Mac mini lineup. Fusion Drives offer the best of both worlds: speed of an SSD and storage space offered by a regular hard drive. If the email from Craig is anything to go by, we should likely see Apple add support for Fusion Drives in the next version of macOS which will be unveiled at WWDC 2018 early next month.

Craig had mentioned that Apple would add Fusion Drive support to APFS in a future software update last year as well but there was no update from the company in this regard since then. Surprisingly, the first macOS High Sierra beta featured APFS support for Fusion Drives, but it was removed from future beta builds.

APFS comes with its own share of benefits which is why iMac and Mac mini users are eagerly waiting to try it out. It has been designed keeping flash storage in mind which makes it more efficient than HFS+, and its design ensures that tasks like copy files or calculating the size of a folder happen instantly. It also comes with a bunch of improvements in regards to encryption, safety, and stability. Apart from macOS, Apple also uses APFS as the default file system for iOS devices.

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[Via MacRumors]

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