Apple Promotes Animoji in New Korean Ad

Apple has been promoting Animoji, the brand new feature it introduced with the iPhone X last year, ever since they debuted.

And now things get really colorful in a new neon-infused Korean ad entitled “Taxi Driver”. The new video was published recently to the company’s official Korean YouTube channel, and the ad itself measures in at just one minute. This new ad has music from HYUKOH, featuring their single “Citizen Kane”.

Apple showcases the bear, Chinese dragon, and chicken Animoji in the ad as they single along, karaoke style, with the music playing in the ad. We get plenty of neon in the background, too, as the three Animoji fly backwards through city streets. We get pictures of neon taxis, too, emoji, billboards, and buildings. There’s even a light tunnel for good measure.

The ad is right in line with previous advertisements that Apple has shown off for its Animoji. That includes new ads back in January of this year, just ahead of the Grammy Awards. The karaoke schtick is one that has picked up since the feature debuted, and one that won’t be going away any time soon.

If you want to learn how to make your own karaoke-style Animoji party, you can find out how right here.

Our Take

These are fun ads. They show off how great the face tracking ability is with Animoji and the front-facing camera system in the iPhone X. Watching the characters sing and make facial expressions along the way is pretty great.

[via Apple]