Apple Could Launch 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone in Blue, Yellow, and Pink Colors

Apple could launch its 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in three different colors to target the young audience. As per analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt, Apple could launch the iPhone 8S in blue, yellow, and pink colors.

The analyst says that Apple had done this previously with its budget-oriented iPhone 5c. With the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone also being likely positioned as a budget option from Apple, it does make sense for Apple to release the handset in multiple colors to attract young consumers.

“Since Apple start to launch three new models every year, we believe the company needs to differentiate the designs of the LCD model from the two high end OLED models,” he comments. “One reasonable choice would be to add different colors.”

Many Android OEMs have launched their phones in multiple colors to attract young customers and this trick has worked wonders for them.

Zhang also believes that Apple will switch to a triple camera system in 2019. The company might try to integrate ToF 3D sensor solution into the rear camera for its 2019 iPhone which should help it add new capabilities to ARKit.

Our Take

At this point, the possibility of Apple launching an iPhone 8S in different colors is pure speculation with no supply-chain report confirming this. Nonetheless, Apple launching its budget LCD iPhone in multiple colors makes a lot of sense to attract young consumers, and it would be a great break from the usual black and silver colors that it usually launches.

[Via Street Insider]