Apple’s New Data and Privacy Portal Lets You Download All Associated Data with Your Apple Account

As promised, Apple has released a tool which allows users to download all the data associated with their Apple account from the company. The Data & Privacy website also provides options to correct the data related to your account along with the option to deactivate or delete it completely.

The website comes just before the GDPR regulations are set to go live in the EU. Aptly then, Apple has made the option of downloading all associated account data and the option to deactivate it to its users in the EU, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. If you live in any other part of the world and try to open the page, you will only get the option of correcting the data associated with your account and deleting it completely.

Apple Data and Privacy Portal

Apple does say that it will be rolling out the new Data and Privacy tool to its users across the world in the coming months. If you are interested in downloading all the data associated with your Apple account and you live outside of the EU, you can still manually request the data from the company. As ZDNet discovered, Apple barely collects any data about its users with its total data for years weighing in just 5MB compared to a couple of gigs of data collected by Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Apple’s Data and Privacy Portal