Apple Sets up ‘Remembrance Table’ at Apple Park for Memorial Day

On Monday, May 28, it is Memorial Day in the United States. It’s a date carved out to honor the individuals who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces.

In honor of those who have served and lost their lives, Appel has set up a dedicated table at the new Apple Park campus. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, posted an image of the table on Twitter, which certainly stands out compared to the other tables in the same area. The standard tables are brown and square, while the Remembrance Table (as Cook calls it) is silver and round.

Silverware and a plate are set up, a flower, and a physical dedication is also present on the table. A standing flag of the United States of America is also positioned next to the table.

Memorial Day will likely see Apple corporate employees given the day off as it is a federal holiday. But, as Cook notes in his tweet presenting the table, it will be installed for the next week. So while corporate employees might not see it on Memorial Day itself, it will be there before and after.

Our Take

Any gesture to honor the lives of those who have fallen while serving their country is a good thing. And having a table set up, something that stands out within the sea of other tables, is a nice step. Even the small gestures go a long way. It might just be a table to some, but it’s at least something.

[via @tim_cook]