Apple Pay is Expanding to Ukraine, Poland, and Norway Soon

Apple Pay iPhone X

Apple Pay is in quite a few different countries already, but there are still some places where the mobile payment option isn’t available.

But the company is working to fill in those gaps, which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently confirmed during the earnings call following the second quarter 2018 earnings report. Cook announced that Apple Pay is officially expanding to Ukraine, Poland, and Norway in the near future. Unfortunately, the company’s CEO wouldn’t go into any specific details, and wouldn’t comment on a specific launch date for any of the regions.

Cook did say that further announcements would be made “in the next several months”.

Cook did talk about activations, though, pointing out that Apple Pay has seen its activations double year-over-year. Meanwhile, the total number of transactions for the mobile payment option have tripled. Cook said that Apple Pay’s expansion to cover transportation services, like what’s available in Japan, has helped expand the service quite a bit. And in Tokyo, Apple Pay is the most successful mobile transit payment option to date.

Our Take

For customers in Ukraine, Poland, and Norway, who have been waiting patiently to get to try Apple Pay, it sounds like the wait is coming to an end soon enough. Better late than never, right?

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