Apple Recommends Performing Rear Camera Repair on iPhone X Units with Face ID Issues

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In a new internal document, Apple is recommending its retail stores and Authorized Service Providers to run a diagnostics test on the rear camera of an iPhone X if a customer is facing Face ID issues on their handset.

Apple explains in the document that a rear camera repair can possibly solve Face ID related issues on an iPhone X. While this might sound strange since Face ID relies on the TrueDepth camera system at the front, this is not the first time that iPhone X owners have reported Face ID issues on their handset if the rear camera stopped working.

While Face ID definitely does not rely on the rear camera, its likely that the front and the rear camera system are connected to the logic board using the same cable. A Genius Bar employee had previously explained to an iPhone X owner that the Face ID and telephoto camera system are connected which explains why the latter might develop issues if the former stopped working for some reason.

The internal support document from Apple recommends service providers to attempt a repair on the handset post a diagnostics test. If that does not work, it recommends them to replace the device for the best user experience possible.

When the iPhone X was first released, many customers noted that the camera system stopped working if their device took a hard fall. This was likely due to the delicate components inside the TrueDepth camera system getting damaged. Apple seems to have resolved the issue as I have not heard newer iPhone X owners complain about Face ID not working on their device post a hard drop.

Have you had trouble with Face ID on your iPhone X? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via 9to5Mac]

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