Apple Reduces 1m USB-C to Lightning Cable to $19 as Rumors Suggest Apple May Drop USB-A for 2018 iPhones

Apple has two versions of its USB-C to Lighting cable, one measuring in at 1m and the other at 2m, with the prices set at $25 and $35, respectively.

But it looks like Apple has made some changes in the last month. As first noticed by 9to5Mac, Apple dropped the price of its 1m USB-C to Lightning cable to just $19. That’s a price drop of $6, so not necessarily noteworthy in its own right. Then again, $6 is $6, so it’s not nothing. What’s more, this actually puts it in line with the USB-A to Lighting cable –the one that Apple includes with the iPhone– so that’s price parity.

What’s more, the price change comes in line with rumors that have been cropping up, suggesting Apple is going to make a change with the included cable for its iPhone lineup. Earlier this month, we reported that Apple was planning on including a USB-C to Lightning cable with its 2018 iPhones, including USB-C power adapters. That would also mean the iPhone could finally be connected directly with Apple’s newest MacBook lineup, too.

Soon after that, the alleged 18W USB-C charger had a render leak out, further cementing the belief that Apple may finally be switching to USB-C for its iPhone family of devices. It’s certainly one of the aspects that is on several people’s wishlists.

Our Take

Dropping the price of the USB-C to Lighting cable doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It might even be overdue, considering the USB-A to Lightning cable has been priced at a lower point for quite some time. Still, one might read the tea leaves and line up with those rumors, and it’s a little hard not to get excited that Apple may finally be adopting USB-C for the iPhone.

[via 9to5Mac; Apple]

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