New Apple Watch Pride Watch Face Spotted Within iOS 11.4 Code

Apple Watch Pride watch-face

iOS 11.3 betas revealed a new Pride watch face for the Apple Watch a couple of months ago. Apple, however, was quick to remove all mention of the update from iOS releases. Fortunately, the watch face has now made a comeback just as the iOS 11.4 and watchOS 4.3.1 updates are sent out.

Code found within these releases have revealed the renderings of this new Pride watch-face, showing an interactive set of strings. The code further mentions – “the threads of color move if you tap the display” and that this watch-face is “inspired by the rainbow flag.”

It will undoubtedly go along pretty well with the Pride edition Apple Watchband, which was made available last year, although the company no longer sells it.

The code also revealed that this new watch face would arrive on June 4 (12 PM), indicating that Apple will hold a formal unveiling at the WWDC event, and make it available soon after.

Some users claim that manually changing the date and time to match that of the watch face’s release date can make this appear right away on your Apple Watch. It seems to have worked on some devices, although we recommend this only as a temporary workaround. Users need to have their iPhone on iOS 11.4 and Apple Watch on watchOS 4.3.1 to try this.

Are you excited for this new watch-face? Share your thoughts below.

[Via 9to5Mac]