Apple Watch Helps Save the Life of a Teen in Florida

The Apple Watch may have started off as an extension of the iPhone, just another screen to look at and interact with notifications, but Apple’s drive to create a health-oriented wearable have certainly paid off over the years.

The latest story comes from ABC News based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, actually shared the post on Twitter earlier on Tuesday, saying that story’s like this one, where the Apple Watch helped save a teen’s life in Florida, “inspire us to dream bigger and push harder every day”.

According to the report, Deanna Recktenwald witnessed her resting heart rate skyrocket up to 129BPM last Sunday. At the time, Recktenwald said that her only other symptoms were a headache and shortness of breath. However, with the Apple Watch’s information and the symptoms, Recktenwald’s mother, Stacy, who is also a nurse, took her to a walk-in clinic just to be safe.

“It was alarming that the watch was telling us to seek medical attention,” said Stacey Recktenwald, Deanna’s mother. “I didn’t even know that it had the capability of giving us that alert.”

The staff confirmed the elevated resting heart rate, and a subsequent visit to the emergency room revealed that the 18-year-old suffers from chronic kidney disease. Both of Recktenwald’s kidney’s were only operating at 20%.

“After rushing her to the emergency room, doctors at Tampa General Hospital soon discovered Deanna suffers from chronic kidney disease.

Both kidneys are only operating at 20% and she will likely require a future transplant.”

The Apple Watch is credited for saving the teenager’s life, with the notification to seek medical attention the key differentiator.

Our Take

Apple’s health features, both on the iPhone and, in several instances, on the Apple Watch, have come in for the rescue quite a bit over the years, which has to make those working on these features and hardware elements feel good.

[via @timcook; ABC Action News]