BBC: Apple Refusing to Replace Battery on Older iPhones with Minimal External Damage

Last year, after Apple revealed that it was slowing down older iPhones due to their aging batteries, the company received a lot of flak. This led to the company offering discounted battery replacement program for a year for older iPhone models for all customers.

Since the beginning of this year, Apple has been running a battery replacement program for iPhone 6 and higher for $29. The discounted price is applicable even for iPhones that are out of warranty. However, Apple still states that its service centers can refuse to replace the battery on an iPhone with noticeable external damage as opening such a phone can potentially lead to other issues.

As it turns out though, Apple is refusing to replace the battery of older iPhones with minimal external damage. It is quoting such customers bills running into hundreds of dollars before it can replace the battery on their iPhone.

The BBC report cites iPhone customer Josh Landsburgh who sent his iPhone to Apple for battery replacement. The phone had a small dent on its edge, and for that reason, Apple refused to repair it. The company quoted a bill of £200 for repairing the phone before it could replace the battery on the phone for the discounted price.

Josh is not alone here. Many other iPhone owners have also complained about the same issue, which has only angered them even further.

In another case, Apple told David Bowler that the microphone and speaker on his iPhone were faulty and quoted him a bill of £250. David, however, was adamant that these parts worked perfectly before he went his phone to Apple. When the BBC Watchdog took the phone in question to a third-party repair shop, it was confirmed that these parts were indeed working. And while Apple refused to replace the battery of the said iPhone, the third-party iPhone was able to do it without any issues.

Our Take

Apple has already managed to frustrate and anger a lot of iPhone owners by not revealing to them before that it was intentionally slowing down their iPhones. Now, by making it further difficult for them to get the battery on their iPhone replaced at the discounted price, the company is only angering them even further.

How was your experience been in getting the battery of your old iPhone replaced from Apple? Did you face a similar experience as mentioned above?

[Via BBC]

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