Beats ‘Decade Collection’ Leaks Ahead of Possible WWDC Unveiling

It looks like Apple will be unveiling a “Decade Collection” range of Beats headphones at WWDC in less than two weeks from now. The “Decade Collection” range is currently being promoted by online merchants with an estimated delivery date of June 4.

There has been no official announcement from Apple or Beats regarding this new collection yet. However, major retailers like Best Buy in the U.S. and New Zealand’s Smiths City are already highlighting the collection. The posting from the retailers provided a good look at the headphones that will be available under this collection, their price, specs, and more.

Beats Decade Collection-2

Beats was launched so people could hear music the way the artist intended. A decade later they’re still changing the game. Styled in Defiant Black-Red in tribute to their bold beginnings and music’s dynamic emotion, the Beats Decade Collection celebrates their first 10 years of innovation.

The “Decade Collection” of Beats headphones will feature a “Defiant Black-Red” color scheme which contains red accents to highlight the cabling, Beats logo, and more. The new color scheme will be available for the Studio3 Wireless, Solo3 Wireless, Powerbeats 3 wireless, BeatsX Wireless, and urBeats 3. Certain models will also contain additional writings like a “TEN YRS” badge and feature a red RemoteTalk cable as well.

While the Decade collection will be limited edition, it will be priced the same as its regular variants.

There are rumors of Apple also working on a $199 HomePod which it plans on unveiling under the Beats branding. Apple has mostly taken a hands-off approach to Beats, though some of its technology has ended up finding its way into the latter’s products.

Are you interested in Apple launching a ‘Decade Collection’ of Beats headphones? Will you buy one?

[Via Apple Insider]