Wallpaper Wednesday: Dark Wallpapers for iPhone X

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

The iPhone X is the first phone from Apple to make use of an OLED display panel. While Apple has sourced the OLED panel from Samsung, it has made its own improvements to the panel which is why it has been crowned as the best smartphone display. Compared to LCD panels, OLED panels offer higher contrast ratio and are more vibrant in nature.

They can also completely shut down while displaying any black content which gives them an infinite contrast ratio. If you truly want to enjoy the vivid display of your iPhone X, use a black or a dark themed wallpaper on it. The display looks absolutely striking then.

If you are struggling to find some dark wallpapers for your iPhone X though, check out our collection below. All the wallpapers have been optimized for the iPhone X’s resolution and have just the right amount of color to give that pop effect.

You can download a ZIP file containing all the wallpapers shown in the gallery aboveĀ from here.

How impressed are you with the OLED screen of your iPhone X? Do you pre-dominantly use black wallpapers on it?