Google Assistant Is Now Compatible with Over 5000 Devices

While Apple has received a lot of flak for Siri in recent months, Google managed to more than triple the number of devices that work with Assistant in the same amount of time. Back in January, there were 1,500 devices compatible with Google Assistant, Four months later, that number has jumped to 5,000+ devices.

The list does not primarily contain smartphones. Instead, it is made up of a diverse range of products like doorbells, vacuums, sensors, AC units, ovens, and more. In comparison, Apple has less than 200 HomeKit compatible devices on the market. What’s even better is that you can use Google Assistant on your smartphone or your smart speaker to control any Assistant compatible device. This is not the case with Siri as there is a huge feature disparity between Siri on the iPhone and on the HomePod.

The difference in the number of compatible devices also shows the difference in the pace of innovation. Google has been making meaningful improvements to Assistant almost every month, while Apple has barely made any major improvements to Siri over the last six months. And whatever improvements it has made, none of them are path-breaking, with the company just catching up to its competition with them.

Amazon does not provide a list of devices that are compatible with Alexa, but the number is definitely far higher than that of Siri. Alexa also works with a wide range of third-party apps and services which greatly helps in increasing its usefulness, while Apple continues to limit third-party app support in Siri.

If Apple does not make some meaningful and major improvements to Siri in iOS 12, it risks falling far behind in the virtual assistant race. So behind that, it might not ever be able to catch up to its competition.

[Via Google]