HomePod Set to Launch in Germany, France, and Canada on June 18 [Updated]

Apple’s first smart speaker, the HomePod, went on sale in the United States earlier this year. And now the company has determined a launch window for additional markets.

Update: Apple has since confirmed this bit of news, and the smart speaker will indeed arrive in each new region on June 18. With the release of iOS 11.4, the HomePod officially supports Canadian English, German, and French, paving the way for those launch markets next month.

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That’s based on a report from BuzzFeed News on Tuesday. The publication reads that the company will launch the smart speaker in Canada, France, and Germany on Monday, June 18. If that date holds, then the HomePod will arrive in three additional markets just over four months after its initial launch.

The HomePod went up for pre-orders on January 26 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It would later go on sale on February 9.

When the smart speaker arrives in Germany, France, and Canada, it will be bringing along support for brand new features as well, making it an even more worthwhile device than what was available for customers at launch. That includes AirPlay 2, which will bring the ability to interlink two HomePods together, or even other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers or supported Apple TV units.

On top of that, the HomePod will also support multi-room and stereo support.

Apple has not officially announced anything just yet, so the launch dates might change at some point. But the publication appears to be confident in its launch window timeframe, so if you are in Canada, Germany, or France and have been wanting to get your hands on the HomePod, at least you know what date to circle on the calendar.

Our Take

The HomePod was given high marks for its audio performance, but when it came to missing features, including the ability to link more than one HomePod together, or multi-room support, the smart speaker was hit with plenty of negative marks. The fact that Apple is bringing these features to the device ahead of a wider launch makes sense.

If you’re in any of the new markets, are you going to pick up a HomePod when it launches in your neck of the woods?

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