iOS 11.4 Releasing Later Today with AirPlay 2; HomePod Getting Multi-Room Audio and Stereo Support

HomePod Features 3

Apple will be releasing iOS 11.4 later today along with a software update for the HomePod which will add multi-room and stereo support to the speaker. The update will also mark the release of AirPlay 2. 

AirPlay 2 will allow a HomePod to sync with another HomePod or even other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers. This was a major feature missing from the HomePod since day one of its launch despite it being found in every other smart speaker in the market. AirPlay 2 will also allow iPhone users to control and play audio from their device to multiple HomePods or AirPlay 2 speakers or Apple TVs at the same time. Previously, this feature was only available for Mac users. You can use this feature to play music across your home at the same time.

The new software update for the HomePod will be available for download through the Home app in iOS 11.4. As for iOS 11.4 itself, it does not bring much to the table except for some minor bug fixes, enhancements, and AirPlay 2. The update is scheduled to go live in a few hours from now.

In addition, Apple will also be announcing later today that the HomePod will be available in Canada, France, and Germany starting from June 18.

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