iOS 13 Will Have a ‘Big iPad-Focused Feature Upgrade’

While a lot of attention is being paid to what’s coming down the pipe for 2019, iOS 12 is still expected to make its debut in June at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The rumor mill has been suggesting that Apple will take a quieter approach this year, focusing on refinement instead of throwing out a ton of new features for its major platforms. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working on new elements completely. Thanks to Mark Gurman over on Twitter, we have a hint at what Apple may announce this June.

According to the reporter, Apple will be implementing a “big iPad-focused feature upgrade”, which will continue to push towards Apple’s iPad as a productivity tool narrative. That will include an update to the Files app. Based on Gurman’s tweet, iOS 13 will put even more of a focus on the iPad lineup in 2019.

Still, there is more, including tabs in apps in macOS, and new elements tied to the Apple Pencil. Users will be able to run the same app side-by-side in the future update as well.

Earlier in the year, we got quite excited when it was reported that Apple will finally redesign the Home screen, however, Mark claims that the redesigned Home screen will only be iPad focussed. It was supposed to be a part of iOS 12 originally but was delayed after the company decided to focus on performance and stability with iOS 12

Gurman also reveals that iOS 13 is codenamed “Yukan”. In February, the leak revealed that iOS 13 is also expected allow users to run several windows inside an app on the iPad similar to how one runs multiple tabs inside a web browser, run two instances of the same app side-by-side, include new features for Apple Pencil, ability to mute notifications from individual threads in the email app, revamped Photos app and redesigned CarPlay.

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Our Take

It is interesting to hear that Apple is yet again focusing on the iPad. iOS 11 was definitely tuned more in the features department, bringing the new dock and so much more, to the iPad family. Hopefully, the iPhone is getting some nice new touches as well.

[via @markgurman]

Update: The post has been updated to include information about the iOS 13 features that have leaked so far.