Many iPhone X Owners Complaining About Cracked Camera Lens

iPhone X

Over the last few months, a number of iPhone X owners have taken to Apple’s support forums and Reddit to complain about the camera lens on their handset cracking easily. Worse, these users complain that Apple is refusing to fix their device under warranty and instead wants them to pay the full device replacement cost.

Most of these users with a cracked camera glass are saying that they never dropped their phone. Instead, they have been using a case with their phone right from day one and are blaming the reason for the crack on the weather.

Apple uses a sapphire cover to protect the camera sensor on its newer iPhones, including the iPhone X. The sapphire lens is harder than the regular Gorilla Glass that Apple uses for the display and the rear panel of the device, but it is more prone to shattering when dropped. However, iPhone 6s/7/8 owners have not complained about their camera lens cracking on its own mysteriously which points to this being an issue with the iPhone X only.

Our Take

Apple is unlikely to make an official statement regarding this issue unless it becomes more widespread. If you are an iPhone X owner with a cracked camera lens, you should try taking your phone to different Apple stores and authorized service centers in hope that they will fix the issue under warranty.

While your iPhone X’s camera will work just fine with a cracked camera lens, the quality of the pictures taken by it will take a serious hit. So, if you are someone who frequently uses their iPhone X to click photos, you should get the cracked camera lens changed.

[Via 9to5Mac]