Manage Complex Projects With Ease With Aeon Timeline 2 [Deals Hub]

Not all project management software is created equal. Many programs can help you juggle multiple deadlines and documents, but the unique needs of individuals running their own sets of projects — like writers, project managers, and legal practitioners — can push the boundaries of traditional project management programs. Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac & Windows helps you manage your workload more efficiently, and it’s available in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $19.99.

Aeon Timeline 2 is project management software that’s suited for the unique needs of people who manage their own projects in a semi-solitary environment. You can manage related events, entities and relationships in an intuitive interface track how they affect one another and contribute to the outcome of your project. Creative writers will benefit from capturing connections between events, locations and characters, as well as the ability to sync with Scrivener. Project managers can use Aeon Timeline 2’s dependencies to make sure events are completed in the right order, and legal practitioners can map out client and witness testimony to discover inconsistencies.

Aeon Timeline 2 is an elegant solution to the particular challenges of running your own complex projects. Pick it up today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $19.99 (a 60% savings from the $50 retail price).