Microsoft Unveils ‘Your Phone’ App for Windows 10 That Will Mirror a Phone’s Features to the PC

Microsoft has decided to broaden its scope ever since it axed Windows 10 Mobile, and, as a result, has given more attention to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems.

But, considering the platforms, there is just more that Microsoft can do with Android than it can with iOS. Still, that isn’t stopping Microsoft from trying to integrate iOS users into its ecosystem to the best of its ability. It wants PC owners to get some of the features it can offer Android users, and that trend continues with a brand new Windows 10 app called “Your Phone”, which Microsoft unveiled today at the first day of its Build 2018 developers conference.

The Verge has a quick write-up of what Microsoft announced. With the Your Phone app, Microsoft will mirror a phone’s features over to a Windows 10 PC so that users can see certain aspects of the phone without having to actually interact with it. There is no specific information on what that looks like for iOS users, though. At least, not yet.

For Android users, though, the extend of the mirroring is pretty in-depth. Microsoft wants Android users to not have to pick up their phone while they are using their computer, basically. With the Your Phone app, users will have access to notifications, text messages, and even their photos. And that’s just the start, with Microsoft aiming for further support of other features down the line.

Microsoft is set to talk more about Your Phone (and Windows 10 in general) tomorrow, May 8, at the conference, so it’s expected that Your Phone will get even more details at that time. If that is indeed the case, and we see how iOS will get support, we will update this post accordingly.

Our Take

The fact that Microsoft is trying to support iOS to the best of its ability is good news. It’s interesting that we’re getting this particular feature and Apple hasn’t introduced something similar, considering how focused they are with keeping people in the ecosystem. Now that Microsoft has introduced something like Your Phone, though, maybe we will see similar features introduced for iOS and macOS at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

What do you think of this feature?

[via The Verge]