The Most Expensive iPhone X Cases

The Most Expensive iPhone X Cases

At one point, iPhones were considered a status symbol. However, that is no longer the case, with the $999 iPhone X selling millions of units every single month. Heck, it has been the highest selling smartphone since the last two quarters.

So, if you are someone who has money to blow — a few thousand grand at the very minimum, what do you do to set your iPhone apart from a sea of other iPhones out there? Well, you go ahead and buy an expensive case for it or just buy a special edition of the handset coated with gold or some other rare gems. That way, you have an excuse to show off the phone in high-society social gatherings. So, what are your options then? Check out our recommendations of some of the most expensive iPhone cases below.

On the other hand, if you are a humble person like me, just gawk at the prices of cases below and wonder why anyone would buy them at all.

Most Expensive iPhone Cases

Gold Genie iPhone X

How do you set your iPhone X apart from other iPhone X units out there in the wild? How about getting a coating of 24K gold on it? Or maybe a Rose Gold finish if gold is a bit too old school for you. There’s also a Platinum Finish if you prefer a more silver look. Sure, it is not a case but if you want an iPhone X that’s unique (and exorbitantly expensive), this is among your best best.

If you prefer diamonds to gold though, get the Diamond iPhone X which comes embedded with gemstones.

Embedded with 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds, the iPhone X Diamond is perfect for those who like luxury with a glamorous edge. The black shine of the phone itself and lines across the lustrous surface at the back accentuate the sparkling light of the gemstones set within the edges and Apple logo.

How much will this unique iPhone X cost you then? Only £2997 ($4000). That’s for the 64GB variant, with the 256GB version coming in at £3097 ($4175). And these prices are without VAT. You will have to order your iPhone X directly from Goldgenie and pay them a 50 percent advance while placing your order. The iPhone X you get will be SIM free and come in a unique and premium Cherry Oak finished box.


Lux iPhone X

If a gold or diamond studded iPhone X is still not your cup of tea, have a look at the Lux iPhone X collection from Brikk. Each Lux iPhone X is housed in a mirror polished aluminum case with velvet and carbon fiber interior. And it is not just all style, as various inserts of the case can be removed for storage purposes.

Depending on your taste, you have different iPhone X variants to choose from. This includes variants featuring surfaces coated in 24K yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and 950 platinum. If gold is not your cup of tea, you can go for the Lux iPhone Haute Omni collection in which the phones are customized with extremely rare materials and stones. It even features 12 carats of diamonds in the hexagonal design found at the rear. What about the price, you ask? Well, it starts from $US 49,995 and goes up to $US 1,300,000.



How about a limited edition and expensive iPhone X variant which screams of luxury? Gresso has 999 units of the iPhone X for sale with a Titanium or 18K Gold finish at the rear. Since there are only 999 units, you have the option of selecting a specific number which will be engraved in the gold insert at the back panel of the device.

The phone is individually assembled and hand polished to achieve its satin finish. To live up to its price tag which starts from $4,995, the phone’s body is strengthed using titanium plating.  Apart from the iPhone X, Gresso also offers limited editions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.



Finish company Legend is selling customized iPhone X cases with diamonds on the back and a golden rim to make your $999 iPhone X feel even more luxurious and expensive. The cheapest case in the lineup starts at $3,499 and features a 24K gold-plated back along with an 18k gold rim. If that’s still not up to your taste, there’s also the Momentum iPhone X featuring genuine 0.3-carat red diamond at its back along with a VVS1 grade diamond halo.


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Do any of the exorbitantly expensive iPhone X cases mentioned above catch your fancy? Or are you happy with your existing inexpensive iPhone X case? Drop a comment and let us know!

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