You Can Now Playback HDR Videos from YouTube on iPhone X

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Google has silently updated the YouTube app for iOS to add HDR playback support on the iPhone X. The iPhone X’s 5.8-inch OLED panel supports HDR which allows it to offer a richer viewing experience thanks to a wider dynamic range and color reproduction. However, the content being played back must have also been shot in HDR.

YouTube on the web has had HDR video playback support for quite a while, but the option was missing from its iOS app. With the latest update, that has changed as the HDR playback option will now automatically show up on the iPhone X in supported videos. You can confirm this by tapping the Settings button followed by Quality to change the resolution while playing back an HDR video on your iPhone X. You should then see an option to playback its HDR version.

iPhone X Home screen

If you own an iPhone X, make sure to check out this YouTube channel. All the videos uploaded there are in HDR and playing them back with the brightness of your iPhone X’s display pushed to the maximum will show you just how incredibly beautiful its display is.

Despite the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus supporting HDR as per their spec sheet, they don’t have true HDR support so the advantages offered by an HDR video won’t be immediately noticeable on them.

Apart from YouTube, Netflix also supports 1080p HDR playback on the iPhone X as well as on the iPhone 8. You can also find HDR10 content on Apple’s own iTunes Store.

Apple’s 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch (2017) iPad Pro also support HDR video playback but YouTube does not seem to have enabled HDR video playback option on them for now.

If you end up playing an HDR video on your iPhone X from YouTube, do drop a comment and let us know whether you noticed the improvement in video quality or not.

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