Snapchat Begins Rolling Out Feature to Send and Request Location Sharing

When it comes to location sharing features, Snapchat has faced some criticisms. But the company is looking to change that with one new feature.

As reported by TechCrunch on Thursday, Snap, Inc. is introducing a feature called “Send and Request Location Sharing”. It’s a pretty straightforward, if not completely overdue feature that will allow Snap users to directly share their location, and also directly request the location of their friends on the social network. It will share real-time location points, which could be a good feature depending on certain situations.

This is another opt-in situation, as has been the case with Snapchat in the past, but it’s a bit more direct. Having it be on a per-basis situation is a nice touch, too. It’s also dependent upon you having the person as a friend. So you can’t request the location of a celebrity or Snapchat star, unless they’ve followed you back. And even if you request the location of a friend, they don’t have to approve it.

And, as the name suggests, you can opt to provide your real-time location to your friend(s) as well.

“Now when you long-press on a friend’s name or hit the three-line hamburger button on a chat thread, you’ll get the option to Send Location or Request location. It only works with bi-directional friends, so you can’t ask for the spot of your favorite Snap star if they don’t follow you back, and you can turn off getting requests in your settings if people are spamming you.”

According to the report, the new Send and Request Location Sharing feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android users over the coming weeks.

Our Take

Having even more control over your location sharing is nice, especially since it isn’t just a blanket “opt-in” for sharing your real-time location all the time. Plus, in the case of an emergency, being able to note where you are in real-time is a good decision.

[via TechCrunch]

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