Take Your iPhone Photography To The Next Level With The Lux 5-In-1 Smartphone Lens Kit [Deals Hub]

Phones with cameras have come a long way from the days of snapping a shot of yourself in a mirror to get a decent MySpace photo. With more megapixels in your pocket than ever and additional filters, higher video quality and improved color quality with every smartphone update, photography aficionados can create amazing images with the click of a few buttons. But why stop at the features offered within your smartphone? The Lux 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit takes your photography to the next level, and it’s available for the low price of $11.99 in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub right now.

The Lux 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit lets you clip a variety of specialty lenses onto your iPhone with ease. The Macro lens gets up close and personal for zoomed-in shots that create visual interest. You can create a cool retro bubble effect with the Fisheye Lens, and adjust the limits of your shots with the Wide Angle and Super Wide Angle Lenses. And you can eschew lower-quality digital zoom in favor of crisp, clean shots from a distance with the Telephoto Lens 2x.

Capture beautiful moments and be the envy of your friends and fellow photographers alike with the Lux 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit. It’s in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub right now for just $11.99.