Analyst Predicts the 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone With Notch Design Will be Ready for Launch in September

2018 iPhones

The rumor mill has been working diligently to paint a picture where Apple releases three new iPhones in 2018, and now longtime analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has weighed in yet again to help bolster those expectations.

Kuo left KGI Securities recently and joined the ranks of TF International Securities, where he has recently launched a brand new analyst note looking ahead a few months to Apple’s upcoming September release window. First up is the oft-rumored 6.1-inch iPhone, which Kuo reiterates the majority of the talking points surrounding the unofficial handset.

That includes the design of the handset, which Kuo believes will boast the iPhone X-style notch design, with Apple’s “all-screen” aesthetic. Kuo also states he still expects the device to boast an LCD screen, rather than adopt the OLED panel that’s present on the iPhone X (and rumored to arrive with the iPhone X Plus later this year as well). Kuo believes that the design decision for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may lead to a later production start date, but still believes the handset will be ready to launch in September. A recent rumor suggested that date could be missed for a November launch.

As far as price is concerned, Kuo now believes that the 6.1-inch iPhone will cost somewhere between $600 and $700. That’s a bit lower than Kuo’s previous prediction, which put the upcoming smartphone somewhere between $700 and $800. The price difference from the more expensive iPhone X comes in for a few different reasons, including the use of an LCD panel and the rumored removal of the 3D Touch feature.

Moving beyond iPhones, Kuo also speculates that Apple will be launching a brand new MacBook Air later this year, Apple Watch models with larger displays (which is right in line with previous rumors), and a new iPad Pro lineup that will support Apple’s Face ID.

Our Take

There is a lot there for a brand new analyst note, but, other than the slight price change, nothing that we haven’t heard before. Apple is going to have a busy end-of-year it looks like. Which devices are you already planning on picking up?

[via 9to5Mac]