Apple Introduces Measure App With iOS 12 and ARKit 2

iOS 12 introduces a new Measure app

Apple continues to bet beg with augmented reality, after initially introducing ARKit last year. And now the company is even introducing its fist AR-based app.

The new app is called “Measure”, and, as the name implies, it is a quick app to measure items in the real world using AR. The new app is based on ARKit 2, which will roll out to the public later this year along with iOS 12. Users will be able to take advantage of new features baked into ARKit 2, allowing for a more robust measuring experience.

First and foremost, Measure will allow users to quickly get the measurements for a certain item in the real world. It means you can quickly measure things like your luggage, or any other item that can be viewed in the camera. Users will also be able to take multiple measurements of a single item, utilizing AR’s 3D spacial recognition so 3D items aren’t impossible to measure.

Just tap-and-drag out a line, and get real-time measurements. Allow for users to take multiple measurements of objects, and automatically detect rectangles and other dimensions. The app will also let users get automatic measurements of photographs and other items.

Apple shows off its new Measure app in iOS 12

While Apple introduced the app during its keynote to kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company did not articulate a specific launch date for its first-party measuring app. However, with iOS 12 set to launch in the fall of this year, it’s likely that the Measure app will be ready to go around the same time.

Our Take

There are a plethora of measuring apps available in the iOS App Store, a booming market with the launch of ARKit last year. But with Apple introducing its own option, it might see a bit more attention. Especially if it comes pre-installed on iOS devices. Or it may just get quickly removed.

What do you think of the Measure app? Is this something Apple needed to create?