Apple Maps Transit Info Now Available in Buffalo, New York

Apple last updated its transit information within the United States earlier in June, and now one more major city has support for the public transportation info.

As was first discovered by 9to5Mac, following a tip from a reader, Apple Maps users located in Buffalo, New York, now have access to transit information for the metro area. With the new info available within Apple’s stock maps and navigation app, users can find quick information pertaining to public transportation like trains and buses.

Apple introduced transit data in Apple Maps back with the launch of iOS 9, and, since then, the company has been rolling out coverage support for new cities all across the globe. The expansion was going along quite nicely throughout 2017, but near the end of the year the updates slowed down. Apple is starting to pick up the pace in 2018, though.

If you want to double check with Apple which cities offer transit data support, you can find Apple’s official list through the source link below. However, at the time of publication Buffalo, NY, hasn’t been added to the list just yet. The original report indicates that could mean Apple is adding even more cities to the list today, other than Buffalo.

Our Take

It’s great that Apple continues to bring new cities into the mix when it comes to public transit data. This is a must-have feature for Apple Maps, especially considering Google Maps has hosted it for many years now. Of course, Apple also has to focus on making sure Apple Maps doesn’t have any additional outages, either.

[via 9to5Mac; Apple]