Apple Music Update Adds New ‘Coming Soon’ Section, Tweaked Artist Profiles, and More

Apple Music is growing in subscriber numbers on a regular basis, which means Apple has a lot more people to make happy with its streaming music platform on a regular basis.

In that regard, the company is apparently rolling out an update to Apple Music for iOS and macOS that adds a new section, tweaks artist presentation, and more. The new update, according to MacRumors, is rolling out today, so the changes should be present to Apple Music subscribers over the course of the day.

First and foremost, Apple Music is adding a brand new “Coming Soon” section, which you can see pictured at the top of this article. This new area is designed to show subscribers which new albums, and from which artists, are coming down the pipe, and should be releasing over the coming weeks. Apple is kind of burying the section, though, so it won’t be as prominent as some might like.

To find the new Coming Soon section, you will need to head into the Browse section, then tap on New Music, scroll down until you find the new Coming Soon section and tap that. Once you’re in the new section, there will be a grid of upcoming album releases, making it pretty clear what’s launching soon.

A few things worth noting here is that the Coming Soon section isn’t designed to show off an individual user’s curated list of coming soon work from artists they follow or have “Loved” in the past. This is just a very short list of about 10 albums that are releasing soon from a variety of different genres. However, the original report indicates that the list of albums has been increasing over the morning, so there’s a chance it shows more albums than 10 in the future.

The other big change is artist pages. At the time of publication, it appears the change is only present on macOS via iTunes, but it’s likely the Apple Music iOS app will see the change arrive soon enough. As of now, artist portraits are now captured in smaller circles and centered at the top of the page. Up to this point, the top banner in iTunes showcased a full image of the band/artist, but that image is much smaller now.

In addition to that change, there is also a new “Play” button that appears on the bottom left of the top banner. That will start playing music from the artist if you feel like it.

One final bit: Apple is also making it clear when an album was launched. As you can see from the artist profile image just above, you can see that the latest album from Dierks Bentley was released on June 8, 2018. That listing is present on every album, now, at least on the macOS version of Apple Music. It should be present for iOS users in the near future.

The update to Apple Music is rolling out now.

Our Take

I want to use Apple Music, and I keep subscribing to it randomly to check it out. But there are still elements of Spotify that I still don’t want to give up. I hope Apple is planning something for Apple Music later this year — even just adding a dark mode would be a nice step in the right direction.

[via MacRumors]