Apple Music Tools Website Updated with the Ability to Search and Play Tracks

Apple Music Tools - AM

Apple has always lacked a proper web player to sign-in and play music, a feature which rival brands like Spotify and Google Play Music offer already. But that could be changing soon thanks to a revelation made by a Reddit user.

The user discovered that the Apple Music Tools website allows users to sign-in, search and play music from their library without being redirected elsewhere. The site still doesn’t support browsing or creating playlists from the web interface.

These findings indicate that Apple is working on a full-fledged web player for its customers. This could be a significant breakthrough for Apple as it would finally offer a third, more versatile option for its users. Apple Music already has apps on all major platforms, including an app for Android.

It is likely that Apple will have a thing or two to say about this feature at the WWDC keynote later today. The company is also expected to talk iOS 12, watchOS 5 and macOS 10.14 during the five-day event.

The Apple Music Tools website is a website used by artists to download Apple Music badges and embed links for their tracks or playlists to share on blogs and social media sites. Perhaps the company is trying to keep a low profile on this feature ahead of its announcement.

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[Via Reddit]