Apple Releases Five New iPhone X Camera Tutorials

iPhone X camera

Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2018, Apple has posted five new tutorial videos for the iPhone X related to photography with photography being their central theme. Apple shows in the tutorial how one can shoot panorama, slow-mo videos, take burst photos, and shoot soccer videos on the iPhone X.

Apple has released a bunch of videos since the iPhone X showing its camera prowess and highlighting how users can take better Portrait photos and do more with it. If you are someone who knows iOS in and out and love taking photos with your iPhone, you likely already know the steps that Apple is showing in its latest tutorial videos. But if the iPhone X is your first iPhone, you should watch the tutorial videos below as they will help you get the most out of the phone’s dual-camera setup.

The tutorial on how to shoot backlit photos with the iPhone X is particularly useful and should be useful for a lot of people.