Apple Support for iOS Expands to 20 New Regions, Adds Support for New Languages

Apple Australia

Apple today released an update for the official Apple Support app for iOS, which brings the app to even more countries across the globe.

The update brings the official Apple Support iOS app to version 2.3. According to Apple, the app is now available in 20 additional regions, but does not actually go into any detail where, exactly, the app is now available. However, the update also brings with it support for new languages, including Czech, Finnish, Danish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

The app also supports being able to choose which language you want the app to show, regardless of which country you might actually be living in. Up to this point, the app would automatically choose the default language based on the user’s default country of choice.

The update also adds the standard bug fixes and behind-the-scenes software improvements. No major additional features were added to the mix, however.

You can find a link to download and install the Apple Support app for iOS, which is a free install, below.

Our Take

Nothing exciting on the features front, but considering this is meant to be as straightforward as possible in the effort to help Apple device owners get something fixed, that’s probably not a bad thing. Adding support for additional global regions and languages is definitely a nice addition, though.


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