The Apple TV App in Canada Now Supports Live Sports Coverage

Last year, the Apple TV app, which serves as a one-stop shop for a variety of content, added the ability to follow live sports coverage from a variety of different leagues across the globe.

That was available in the United States to start, but it’s starting to creep out into other regions, too. That includes the latest addition, Canada. Apple officially updated its availability support page recently, which was first discovered by MacRumors on Thursday. With the feature, Canadians that use the Apple TV app will be able to keep tabs on sporting events as they happen.

Canadians will see the new “Sports” tab in the Apple TV app beginning today. Once inside this section, users will see crucial detail about live events happening at the time, and see highlights of past games as well. It arrives just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off today.

Here are the providers that are offering coverage:

  • Sportsnet
  • RDS GO
  • DAZN
  • CBC
  • TSN GO

As is the case with the Apple TV app’s sports coverage in the United States, users must have the aforementioned networks’ app, or apps, installed on their devices to get coverage. Beyond that, you’ll need to be signed into the app, too.

If you’re in Canada, is this a feature you’ve been waiting for?

Our Take

The sports section of the Apple TV app is great, in theory, but it suffers from not having a lot of customization options. Every time I try to use that particular section of the app, I’m inundated with a bunch of sports I don’t care about at all, and what I actually want to follow is buried. And that’s even after telling the app my favorite teams and sports.

[via MacRumors; Apple]