Conan Takes a Dig at Apple’s Digital Wellbeing Efforts with iPhone Basic


In the latest episode of his late night talk show Conan, the host Conan O’Brien has poked fun at Apple’s steps to counter iPhone addiction among people by envisioning an iPhone Basic which lacks a screen thereby helping one in getting back their life.

The late-night talk show host has previously also poked fun at Apple with Face ID where he even got a fake Craig Federighi on stage to answer some hilarious questions about the new biometric unlock option, Apple Watch, the gold iPhone 5s, and more.

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced a number of new features that help curbs one’s smartphone addiction by keeping track of the amount of time they spend on their phone along with the ability to limit the amount of time they spend on an app using App Limits. There are other improvements as well especially for parents as they can limit the use of their children’s iPhone or iPad using Family Sharing in iOS 12 to a great extent.

Dubbed ‘Apple’s New Addiction-Proof iPhone,’ make sure to check out the parody video by heading to the source link below.

[Via Tem Coco]

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