Connect The DxO ONE Digital Camera To Your iPhone or iPad For The Perfect Shot [Deals Hub]

Smartphones have made higher-end photography accessible to everyone. Whether you’re taking family photos or snapping a selfie for the ‘Gram, a decent camera is a must-have for making your pictures stand out. But choosing one that’s as portable as your phone without sacrificing image quality is no easy task. The DxO One Digital Connected Camera brings crystal clear photo and video to your iPhone, and it’s on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $379.99. That’s 24% off the normal price of $499.99.

The DxO One Digital Connected Camera turns your iPhone into a supercharged mobile digital camera and video recorder with a simple Lightning connection. It’s more than just a zoom lens that attaches to your smartphone: it lets you take sharper photos with an f/1.8-f11 aspherical lens and an extra small, one-inch format 20.2MP. The camera can handle shutter speeds between 1/20000ths of a second and 30 seconds for all of your photography needs, and you can share the photos or video instantly through your iPhone or iPad. Best of all, the DxO One does doubly duty as a standalone camera, so you can still capture those special moments on the fly without worrying about connecting it to your smartphone.

The DxO One Digital Connected Camera is a big iPhone accessory in a small package. Pick it up today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $379.99.