Download iOS 12 Wallpaper

Download iOS 12 wallpaper

Apple has primarily focused on speed and performance with iOS 12, though the release also comes with some major new improvements including a more powerful Siri, an enhanced Do Not Disturb mode, and more. The demo by Apple on stage also showed iOS 12 with a new wallpaper which is also a part of the developer beta of the OS released by Apple today.

The final release of iOS 12 will likely come with more wallpapers, but for now, there’s only one new wallpaper. If you are not going to install the iOS 12 developer beta on your iPhone or iPad, don’t worry about missing out on the wallpaper. A high-resolution version of the same has already been created by @ispazio for the iPhone X as well as for the iPhone 8 and previous iPhones.

If you like the new iOS 12 wallpaper shown above, make sure to head over to this website. From here, you can directly download the wallpaper on your iPhone.

Do remember that as of now, there’s only one new wallpaper in iOS 12 but Apple will add more to it when the final version of the OS is released later this year.