The HomePod Can Now Read the News in Canada, France, and Germany Ahead of Launch

Back in May, it was rumored that Apple was planning on launching its first smart speaker, the HomePod, in Canada, France, and Germany before the end of June.

It didn’t take long before Apple confirmed those plans. On Monday, June 18, the smart speaker will go live in those aforementioned countries. In preparation, it appears that Apple is switching on features so that they are ready to go when the HomePod goes on sale to the general public.

MacRumors is reporting on Friday, following tips provided by HomePod owners in the regions, that the HomePod can now read out news briefs from specific news agencies in the regions. In Canada, Global TV is supported, along with CBC, CTV, and CNN. You can see a quick video demonstration of the feature below, courtesy of Pedro Marques:

The feature is live in Germany as well, with another tip pointing to news agencies like Deutschlandfunk, which is a public radio broadcast company in the region.

When the HomePod does go on sale next week, it will be priced at $449 in Canada, and €349 in Germany and France. It will be available via Apple’s online store, as well as in its physical retail stores in those areas on Monday, June 18.

Our Take

Having the features ready to go for when the HomePod actually goes on sale is a good way to go. After all, no one wants to wait for features after they already have the product in their home, and they know those features are available in other countries.

[via MacRumors]