iOS 12 Beta 2: All the New Features and Changes

iOS 12 Beta 2: All the New Features and Changes

Earlier today, Apple released the second beta of iOS 12 just a15 days after dropping the first beta. The second iOS 12 beta includes a number of minor tweaks and enhancements apart from fixing some of the bugs reported by users.

With iOS 12  more than a couple of months away from its final release, Apple is still tweaking things around in the OS. It has made quite such small changes to certain iOS 12 features to improve their overall usability. Let’s have a look at everything that’s new in iOS 12 beta 2.

iOS 12 beta 2: What’s New

Screen Time Tweaks

There’s a new splash screen when you open Screen Time for the first time. Additionally, Apple has tweaked the interface and now when you tap on app displayed in Screen Time, you are displayed its daily average use, its developer, age rating, along with the option to add a limit to it.

The toggle to clear Screen Time data has been removed. On the other hand, Apple has added an option to see Screen Time for all your devices or a specific device linked to your Apple/iCloud account.

Do note that if you had set up Screen Time in the previous beta of iOS 12, all those changes would be lost when you upgrade to beta 2.

iOS 12 Screen Time Pick Ups

New Welcome Screen in Voice Memo

There’s a new welcome screen in Voice memo when you open the app for the first time.

Voice Memo in iOS 12

Tweaked Photos App

The search feature in Photos app has been improved. The text used inside the app has also been tweaked to make it easier to read.

New Interface for Password AutoFill

Password AutoFill has a new interface when you invoke it to fill the password in a third-party app.

Turn off Siri Suggestions for Individual Apps

Under Notifications in iOS 12 beta 2, there’s now an option to turn off Siri Suggestions for individual apps.

Faster Face ID Animation on iPhone X

The Face ID animation on the iPhone X has been sped up. This gives the feeling of Face ID working faster on the latest beta. Apple also seems to have improved the algorithm behind Face ID as it seems to recognize faces faster. The text has also been updated and it now says “Scanning with Face ID.”

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

Higher Resolution apps on iPad

Now, when you install an iPhone app on the iPad, they will run in an iPhone 6-like resolution which provides for a far better experience.

Other Improvements

  • App Store previews are now being displayed.
  • Memoji camera now works inside the Messages app.

Bugs/Broken Features

  • GPS is still wonky and it is not working for most users.
  • Many users are also reporting issues with CarPlay.
  • The Weather widget will not work in the latest beta.
  • Twitter login is still broken.
  • Netflix might crash when downloading a video.
  • Voice Memo might not sync your memos across devices.
  • Skype might crash when you try logging into it.
  • AirPods might not stop music playback when you remove one of them from your ears.

Have you noticed any other improvement in iOS 12 beta 2? If so, drop a comment and let us know about it.

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