iOS 12 Makes It Easier to Close Apps on iPhone X

iPhone X App Switcher

Closing apps in iOS 11 on the iPhone X is a cumbersome experience, to say the least. After bringing up the app switcher, you are required to long press on an app to enter the force quitting mode. After that, you can swipe up on any of the app to quit them. With iOS 12, Apple is making this process easier and less cumbersome. 

Now, once you bring up the app switcher, you can simply swipe up on an app’s card to close it. It is a small change for sure, but one that makes so much sense and one that would save iPhone X users the at least a few seconds every time they try to close an app on their device.

Google offers a similar way to dismiss app from memory in Android P.

The long and tedious process of removing apps from the memory on iPhone X led many users to think that Apple was discouraging them from doing this on a regular basis. However, it looks like the company has realized that the older method ended up being a bit too cumbersome and impractical for daily use.

The new gesture bodes well for Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup which will comprise of three new iPhones, with all of them lacking a home button and featuring Face ID.