iOS 12 Will Help Prevent Accidental Screenshots on iPhone X

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

One of the most common complaints of iPhone X owners is the number of screenshots they end up inadvertently taking throughout the day. It might seem like a small problem initially but when your phone’s gallery is littered with unintended screenshots, it definitely turns into a frustrating experience.

This primarily happens when one is picking up their device as it is in such scenarios that the user ends up inadvertently pressing the volume up and power button. With iOS 12, Apple is fixing this issue to a certain extent. While the screenshot capturing process remains the same, it will now only work when your iPhone X’s display is on.

Its a small change for sure but this should greatly limit the number of accidental screenshots that one might take during the day. The iPhone X does come with Raise to Wake feature so its display automatically wakes up whenever its picked up. Due to this, there’s still a possibility of users accidentally taking a screenshot on their iPhone X, though at least it will now be less frequent.

Perhaps with the final release of iOS 12, Apple will end up tweaking the screenshot gesture on the iPhone X to make it slightly longer. Alternatively, it can perhaps also introduce a gesture like a three-finger swipe down on the screen to take a screenshot and allow users to completely disable the physical screenshot capturing shortcut.

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