iOS 12 Release Date

iOS 12 unveiled

At the opening keynote of WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled iOS 12 for iPhones and iPad. The latest version of the company’s upcoming mobile operating system focuses on reducing the clutter with new Digital Health features. It also focuses on improving the overall performance and stability of the OS which has taken a hit in the last few years.

If you are wondering when Apple will be releasing the final build of iOS 12, then that’s still a few months off. The final release of iOS 12 is expected to drop in September. For now, Apple will be releasing beta builds of the OS every few weeks with bug fixes, enhancements, and fixes for other issues as reported by developers and beta testers. The first developer preview of iOS 12 is expected to drop later today, with more beta releases scheduled for release in the coming few months. The first public beta of iOS 12 will be released in July. And for the final release, expect it to drop around September when the 2018 iPhones go on sale.

If you head over to the official iOS 12 preview page from Apple, the company says it is coming this fall.

iOS 12 Release Date

If you are a developer, you can head over to your developer account page on Apple’s website to download and install the first Developer Preview of iOS 12.

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