Top 5 iOS Annoyances Apple Has Fixed in iOS 12

5 iOS Annoyances Apple Has Fixed in iOS 12

Given how tightly Apple controls every aspect of iOS, users have to wait for a major release of the OS in hope that Apple has fixed some major annoyances with the OS. iOS 11 was no different in this regard. While it came with a bevy of features, it also came with some annoying changes and omissions which sometimes ended up frustrating users from time to time. And well then there are other little annoyances in iOS that have been around for forever

Apple has thankfully fixed some of these annoyances in iOS 12. Let’s have a look at what they are.

5 iOS Annoyances Apple Fixed in iOS 12

Easier to Trigger Face ID Rescan After Failed Attempt

iPhone X Lock screen Face ID Locked

Apple is making it considerably easier to trigger a Face ID rescan on the iPhone X after a failed attempt. On iOS 11, if Face ID failed for some reason, you’d have to put your device to sleep and wake it up again to trigger a rescan.

On iOS 12, this is significantly easier. After Face ID fails to detect your face and you are on the screen to enter the passcode, all you need to do is swipe up from the screen to trigger a Face ID rescan. Simple, easy and quick!

Grouped Notifications

iOS 12 Grouped Notifications and iPad Control Center

Apple is finally fixing one of the biggest annoyances with the Notification Center in iOS by introducing grouped notifications in iOS 12. This would ensure that multiple notifications from the same app are bundled together and are not shown separately thereby spamming the notification center. Grouped notifications are stacked together so you can easily scroll through them. It is a small change but one that is going to have a major usability impact.

Even better, with Instant Tuning, you can easily turn off and manage notifications from unwanted apps. Simply swipe left on a notification which would bring up the ‘Manage’ option. From here, you can turn off notifications for that app or make other changes to it as you desire.

iOS 12 Notifications Manage Settings

Easier Access to Control Center on iPad

Apple gave iOS one of its biggest revamps for the iPad with iOS 11. The update introduced a new dock which made multitasking easier. This dock could be accessed while within apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. However, the same gesture is also used to bring up Control Center. This conflict made it difficult to bring up Control Center while in any app.

With iOS 12, Apple is bringing over iPhone X gestures to the iPad. This means that you can access the Notification Center on the device by swiping down from the top-right corner of the display similar to how you would on the iPhone X.

Password Autofill for Third-Party Apps

How many times has an app on your iPhone or iPad prompted you to log into your account and you have unsuccessfully tried to remember the password? If you are smart enough to use a password manager, it is almost impossible to remember the passwords generated by them since they are too complex. And since there’s no password autofill in third-party apps in iOS 11, you’d have to switch back and forth between your password manager and the app you want to log into for your login credentials.

Thankfully, iOS 12 allows for password autofill in third-party apps so you can easily log into them in a seamless and quick manner. This feature is also going to support third-party password managers like 1Password and LastPass so you will not have to switch to Apple’s own Keychain to take advantage of this feature.

OTP Autofill

Due to privacy concerns, Apple does not allow third-party apps with access to text messages. This makes it difficult to enter OTPs for two-factor authentication as one has to look for it in the notification center, remember it, and then enter it in the service or app that had requested it in the first place.

In certain parts of the world like India, OTPs are also used for authorizing banking transactions where the inability to view OTPs quickly and easily makes for a frustrating experience.

Apple is solving this issue for good in iOS 12 as when you receive an SMS containing an OTP, it would instantly be suggested by QuickType thereby making the whole process easier.

iOS 12 One Time Password SMS Autofil

Another iOS 11 annoyance that Apple has fixed in iOS 12 is the ability to report spam calls. There’s a new Unwanted Communication extension in the Settings app which can be used to easily report spam calls and messages. Again, this might not be useful for users all over the world but its incredibly useful for users in certain parts of the world where spam calls are more like an hourly occurrence.

What iOS 11 annoyance has Apple fixed in iOS 12 for you? Drop a comment below and let us know!