The iPhone X Camera Can Officially Take ‘Studio Quality’ Portraits

iPhone X

A few months ago, Apple posted a video on its YouTube channel where it claimed that the iPhone X could take Studio Quality portrait photo. Now, it is pretty common for companies to make superlative claims in their marketing materials, but two people ended up complaining about that ad to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

They claimed that the ad was misleading since the iPhone X was clearly not good enough to take ‘Studio Quality portraits.’

Well, the ASA has now given Apple the green chit to use the words in its iPhone X advertising. Apple argued in the case that the iPhone X takes portrait photos at a 50mm focal length which is what is mostly used by professionals as well. It also said that there is no defined term for “Studio quality portraits” so it was right in its assessment to use the words for advertising the iPhone X’s camera.

The ASA in its ruling agreed that while the iPhone X does not offer the same set of tools and effects as in studio photography, the ad still demonstrated the true capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera.

“We acknowledged that the camera on the iPhone X featured a focal lens commonly found in studio photography and understood that the images shown in the ad were photographs taken with the phone. We considered that the lighting effects that could be used when capturing and after having captured an image allowed the user to mimic a photograph similar to those taken in a studio.”

“We recognised that there were many effects, techniques and tools used in studio photography which played a vital role in capturing high standard images, many of which were not available to someone solely using the iPhone X. However, we recognised the emphasis was placed on the significance of the lighting effects on achieving the quality of image the ad demonstrated, and we understood that those images shown were a true reflection of the capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera.”

I guess Apple can now actually go ahead and boast that the iPhone X’s dual-camera setup is capable of taking Studio Quality portraits.

The iPhone X’s camera is definitely a step up from previous generation iPhones, though when compared to the likes of the Pixel 2 and the Huawei P20 Pro, the camera does seem a step or two behind. What do you think about the iPhone X’s camera performance? Do you think it takes ‘Studio Quality portraits’? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via ASA]

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