Video: iPhone X Dropped From California’s Tallest Bridge

iPhone X

When the first iPhone X first launched, it was put through numerous drop tests to give interested consumers an idea of just how durable the glass design of the handset is. For a phone with a glass back, the iPhone X did well, though being a phone with a glass back, it did eventually crack after repeated drops. Well, what happens when you drop the iPhone X from the tallest bridge in California with a height of around 1,000 ft?

The iPhone X in question was thrown completely naked with no case installed on it. Sure, the surface on which it was dropped was not exactly concrete, but it was still a relatively hard ground. Nonetheless, after being dropped from a height of 1,000 ft, the glass panels on the front and rear of the iPhone X were bound to crack. The rear glass panel crack also ended up exposing the battery which also seemed to have suffered some damage since it was unusually warm.

What’s interesting is that while the glass panels at the front and rear of the phone cracked, the structure of the steel chassis remained intact which shows its strength. Also, despite being dropped from such a height though and taking some heavy damage, the iPhone X worked just fine. In fact, YouTuber TechRax was able to still retrieve the video shot from the iPhone while it was dropped from such a dizzying height.

Irrespective of what the video shows though, you should not go ahead and start dropping your iPhone X from such insane heights. These drop tests definitely give us an idea of the excellent build quality of the iPhone X, but no two drops are alike and it is possible that your iPhone will end up suffering worse damage than what is shown in the video.