Learn How To Become A Backend Developer With This Extensive Bundle [Deals Hub]

Coding is one of today’s most in-demand skills: if you’re a business without a website, you may as well not exist, and keeping up with coding languages or learning development from scratch isn’t an option for many people. With the proper training you can beef up your resume and land a solid coding job, and The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle is an easy, cost-effective way to up your market value. It’s on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $49 now.

The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle has 14 courses to make you fluent in multiple programming languages. You’ll learn how to build websites faster with Bootstrap 4, manage data with an SQL database training course, learn Python and JQuery in an hour each, and take your JavaScript game to the next level with the Dynamic JavaScript Master Class. Creating web apps will be a piece of cake after you learn how to use React and Redux libraries, and you’ll build real world smartphone apps with the Complete Java and Android Studio Course for Beginners.

Gain mastery in multiple coding languages with the Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle. It’s available for $49 (98% off the original price of $2,786) in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.


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