macOS Mojave Removes Facebook and Twitter Logins

Right now, if you open the Internet Accounts section within System Preferences, you can log into your Facebook (if you still have one) and Twitter accounts.

But it looks like Apple is going to be removing that aspect of macOS in the near future. As was first reported on Tuesday by 9to5Mac, Apple is removing the option to sign into your Facebook and Twitter account through the aforementioned Internet Accounts section in System Preferences. This removal of the account options is just in the first beta of macOS Mojave, which was seeded yesterday, so it’s possible that Apple could add them back into the mix at a later date.

However, that may not be what’s going on here. After all, Apple officially removed both of these login options with the release of iOS 11 late last year as well. There is no official word from Apple as to why it has decided to go this route, especially with macOS Mojave, but it might be tied with data collection.

As the picture above makes it obvious, thee only options for accounts to log into now in the first beta of macOS Mojave are a Google account, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, and AOL. You can add another account with the last option, but Facebook and Twitter won’t be there (as of right now).

Our Take

This is a move that we probably should have seen coming. Not just from a security perspective, or with Apple’s focus on user privacy. But just the fact that those things probably led Apple to remove Facebook and Twitter account login options from iOS 11 last year more than likely led to the removal in macOS Mojave, too. What do you think of the move?

[via 9to5Mac]