Poll: What’s Your Favorite iOS 12 Feature?

iOS 12 Features

If you saw the opening keynote of WWDC 2018, you might think that iOS 12 is light on features. The company heavily focused on performance improvements with the OS, though it also mentioned other new features like App Limits, Screen Time, Grouped Notifications, and more.

There are plenty of new features in iOS 12 but for this poll, I am only going to highlight some of the major ones. If you are interested in reading about all the new features and improvements in iOS 12, click here.

Improved Performance

The highlight of iOS 12 is undoubtedly the improved performance. Even better, Apple is focusing on bringing these performance improvements to not just its newer devices but to its older devices as well. In its keynote, the company cited that with iOS 12, apps would launch 40 percent faster on the iPhone 6, with the camera opening up to 70 percent faster.

Screen Time and App Limits

In a bid to reduce smartphone addiction among users, Apple has debuted a number of digital wellbeing features in iOS 12. This includes Screen Time which provides one with a detailed report on the amount of time one spends on their device, time spent on each app, the number of times you pick up your phone, and more. It also provides one with a weekly summary of your smartphone usage habits.

iOS 12 Screen Time Stats

Screen Time is complemented with another new feature in iOS 12 called App Limits. You can use this feature to limit the amount of time you spend inside an app. Once you cross this threshold, iOS 12 will prevent you from launching this app, though you can always ignore this limit.


Apple is opening up Animoji in iOS 12 and letting users create their own take on the character dubbed Memoji. They are similar to Bitmoji with plenty of customization options available for users. And like Animoji, Memoji also has tongue detection support thereby allowing you to better express yourself.

iOS 12 Memoji

Group FaceTime

Apple is giving FaceTime a major overhaul in iOS 12 and adding Group FaceTime support to it. Even better, the group video call feature in FaceTime supports up to 32 parties in a very intuitive UI. It is also integrating FaceTime in the Messages app thereby making it easier to initiate group FaceTime calls.

Siri Suggestions and Shortcuts

Siri is getting smarter in iOS 12 and will automatically suggest you shortcuts depending on your actions. This is paired with another useful feature in iOS 12 called Shortcuts. This new app is based on Workflow which Apple had acquired last year. The app is tied with Siri and allows users to set up custom shortcuts for multiple actions which they can easily invoke using Siri.

Shortcuts app in iOS 12

Grouped Notifications

This is another biggie. Apple is finally adding the ability to group notifications by apps or type in iOS 12. This little change would go a long way in improving the overall experience of using the notification center in the upcoming version of the mobile OS.

These were some of my favorite iOS 12 features. What about you though? Make sure to take part in our poll below and do drop a comment to let us know whether iOS 12 has lived up to your expectations or not.