Poll: What Was Your Favorite WWDC 2018 Announcement?

Poll: What Was Your Favorite WWDC 2018 Announcement?

Its soon going to be 24 hours since Apple unveiled iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Majove, and more at its opening keynote of WWDC 2018. In its presentation, the company provided everyone with a quick rundown of the major new features in the upcoming major releases of its software. 

The lack of any major hardware announcement is definitely going to bum out a lot of people, but WWDC 2018 announcements were all about quality and less about quantity.

iOS 12

For iOS 12, the company seems to have focused on performance and stability, though there are plenty of other new features in the OS as well. After years of complaints about poor iOS performance and its software quality going down, I think Apple has taken the right decision of focusing on improving the speed and performance of its devices with iOS 12. The difference is going to be especially noticeable on older devices where Apple says the difference can be as much as up to 70 percent.

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macOS Mojave

Apple News app in macOS Mojave

Then, there’s macOS Mojave which finally brings Dark Mode to the OS. It also comes with a dedicated Apple News, Home, Stocks, and Voice Memo app. Other improvements in the OS include an improved Quick Look, Dynamic Desktop, a revamped Mac App Store, and more.

Mojave also marks the beginning of Apple merging the developer framework of iOS and macOS into one thereby eventually allowing developers to bring iOS apps to macOS easily.

watchOS 5 and tvOS 12

As for watchOS 5 and tvOS, they also come with their own fair share of minor yet important improvements aimed at improving the overall usability of the OS. watchOS 5, in particular, comes with some handy new improvements like an improved Siri watch face, support for new workouts, Walkie Talkie, and more.

Which announcement from Apple impressed you the most though? For me, it was macOS Mojave. After years of neglecting macOS, it finally felt like Apple gave the OS some attention it deserved. The introduction of Dark Mode, improved Quick Look, Dynamic Desktop and a revamped Mac App Store are features that I had long wished for. Apple is also ensuring that the Mac App Store has the same standard as the iOS 11 App Store with weekly updates from its editorial team.

What about you though? Were you impressed by improvements made to Siri? Or was it something else? Take part in our poll below and also drop a comment below to us know!