Protect Your Phone’s Battery And Charge Faster With Charby Sense Charging Cables [Deals Hub]

Your smartphone is an essential daily tool for keeping in touch with friends, staying on top of the latest news, managing your finances, and more. Accessories like heavy-duty cases and protective covers help keep your phone in top shape, but one of the most important — and difficult to control — aspects of a smartphone’s health is the battery.  Maintaining a charge above the 50% mark and avoiding overcharging prolongs your battery’s life and keeps it running at top speed, but most charging cables don’t do anything to help the situation. Charby Sense Charging Cables are rising to the challenge, and they’re on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $29.

Charby Sense Charging Cables are a new weapon in the war against weakening smartphone batteries. An auto-cutoff feature halts charging once your phone hits the 100% mark to prevent overcharging. The charge booster doubles your charging speed with the press of a button, and a smart LED indicator alerts you when you’ve chosen a slow wall outlet so you can find a better power source. Charby Sense’s cables are kevlar reinforced and lab-tested for over 15,000 cord bends, making them as strong as they are fast.

Charge faster and smarter with Charby Sense Charging Cables. Pick them up in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $29.


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