Startup Seeking $200K from Apple for Stealing Siri Shortcuts Logo

Apple vs Shift logo

In a bid to quickly make some money from Apple, a company called Shift — which uses blockchain to build websites — has sued Apple for the logo it has used for Siri Shortcuts. The company says that the logo used by Apple for Siri Shortcuts is similar to its own logo.

For this, Shift has sued Apple saying it needs to stop infringing on its intellectual property or pay it $200,000 which will allow it to rebrand itself “using a world-renowned design firm.” The Shift spokesperson in its statement says that its “mind-blowing” to see a design-oriented company like Apple copied its logo.

Shift says that it has spent a substantial amount of time and effort in promoting its official logo which its clients have now come to associate with its products. Due to this, “the Shift trademark has become an asset of substantial value and a symbol of our client’s goodwill.” The similarity between the logo has also caused confusion in the market as per Shift.

The company’s spokesperson said that while they have not received any response from Apple yet, they are hopeful of receiving the payment since “Apple is such a do-right-by-the-community brand.” The spokesperson makes it clear that they are not going after Apple and they can continue to use the logo if they wish to. All they need to do is reimburse Shift for the new logo.

Our Take

The two logos definitely do not look similar at all. If anything, it’s the color scheme of the background which is creating this confusion. The move from Shift here is nothing but a quick way to earn some money from Apple. What do you think?

[Via The Sun]