Tim Cook Talks about Apple Watch, Steve Jobs, Apple Park, More on The David Rubenstein Show

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sat down for an interview with billionaire David Rubenstein at his alma mater Duke University. In the interview published by Bloomberg Television, Cook talks about Apple’s earnings, people’s fixation with the number of iPhone units Apple sells in a 90-day period, the Apple Watch, his relationship with Steve Jobs, and more.

On Apple’s earnings being up by up 80 percent since Cook has been at the helm of things from July 2011, the CEO says that the company believes in doing things right in terms of creativity, innovation, focusing on user experience and treating customers like jewels instead of the number of units they sell in a 90-day period. Cook makes it clear that Apple is being run for the long term and they’re not in the market to make a quick buck.

Host Rubenstein also talks about Apple Park which was envisioned by Steve Jobs. Cook says that Apple’s former CEO and co-founder had always believed that the workplace should facilitate people working together and have common areas for people to work together. He adds that Apple is now already seeing the benefits of this. Interestingly, Apple has given all its employees standing desks at Apple Park which is reaffirmed by Cook. He says that it is much better for their lifestyle.

During the course of the interview, Cook reveals how Steve Jobs approached him to work at Apple when he was still at Compaq. During his meeting with Jobs, Cook saw a sparkle in his eyes and how he was doing the exact opposite of the industry and doubling down on the consumer market instead of focusing on servers and storage like every other company. At the end of the meeting, Cook was hoping Jobs offered him a job because he really wanted to work for the company.

On Apple Watch, Cook says that he receives emails almost every day from people who ended up finding out about their heart problem thanks to their Apple Watch. Cook also reveals during the interview that Apple will be spending $30 billion in capital expenditure over the next few years in the United States to create a new campus and hire 20,000 people. The company will also use the money it has lying around to buy back some of its shares as it considers it to be of good value.

The interview talks about other wide-ranging topics as well including Cook’s meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, privacy, equality, and more. Make sure to hit the source link below to watch the full 24-minute interview.

[Via Bloomberg]

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